Am I playing PUBG or PUBG’s playing me?!

Okay, It’s been long since I wrote anything in this space, and I have identified the cause of that (No surprises that I found something for the blame!). It is PUBG, for those living under a shell without any internet connection and limited space in their mobile phones, PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game that is available on almost every platform that one can use for the purpose of gaming. For all you stone age creatures who are finding the name of the game amusing, its an acronym for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds hence P.U.B.G. and its pronounced as Pub-ji.

Now not to brag, but yours sincerely here is a Diamond class player (they have various categories, one starts from level Bronze 5) with many a achievements under his belt. Your humble ram is in the top 20% of the playing population of PUBG but there’s still a lot of scope for improvement (well yeah being down to earth is the key here). Not just that, but by finishing various missions, I have waltzed into the the Royal Pass rank of 42 last time I checked, which again might sound idiotic to you but is actually a “PRETTY BIG DEAL”. So, by looking at my accomplishments and credentials you must have judged and estimated the time, sleep and other worldly sacrifices that I must have made in order to achieve this level of success. Pshh, its nothing!

Well I like the game and like scores of other players I too feel good killing other bots (they also have bots playing this game who are just so dumb, lol) or actual players on the game. But deep down, I just want to show you how I feel:


Well, yeah not exactly as cool as this donkey looks while trying to figure out how to ride a bike, but something on the same lines. BTW (by the way – why do I write acronyms if I have to explain everything to you!!!), donkey is one such animal that I regard very highly and hold them in a very high pedestal as they are loyal, obedient, cute in their own way and look like miniature horses (I’ll dedicate one post to donkeys, don’t worry we’ll discuss this amazing creature later). So this picture is not to be made fun of. Actually you know what? This picture might have complicated my stand more than asserting it by the sheer badassery (that the donkey is showcasing by trying to commandeer a bike) & cuteness overload at the same time. But anyways what I was trying to imply was, I feel like the defeated one in reality, even though I’m good at the game. That feeling of wasting away your precious hours no matter what part of the day it is, is just too much sometimes.

This game has changed the online gaming scene completely, be it in India, Malaysia, The United States, Brazil, Australia, China and the majority of the globe barring some European nations. It has the key elements which comes into play for making a game totally addictive. Like violence, violence and some more violence. I never gave this aspect of the game much of a thought until now. It actually has players looting houses in search of their desired guns, ammunition, bullet-proof vests, helmets, grenades and many more things which before this game only people who had any business with arms would have known. But now even a 8-9 year old might just recommend you to go for the AKM gun over a Thompson sub-machine gun! The players are encouraged to shoot at the opponent’s temple for a quick kill or throw a ‘molotov cocktail’ over a them to burn him/her to death. These are just some of the grossest examples that I could think of.

I’m not against gaming and especially such games, as these kind of games were existing in the past as well in the form of Contra and Counter Strike. There were games like Street Fighter as well in which you had to kick the hell out of your opponents to win a game. Violence had always been the driving force for selling games and they would be in future as well. But what I was bickering all this time was about why do they have to be so damn realistic, which makes a person to forget to update his own blog from time to time? I have straight up shamelessly blamed this game and its realistic graphics for my inability to write more and I have realized that this has to stop. Well, if I would have been in my home my mother would have confiscated my mobile phone for playing this game till late hours of the night and I can imagine the exact words that would come out of mama ram’s mouth.

PUBG! You are the worst (read as best) and I condemn you for being a game so good. I solemnly swear that my bleatings from now on would be much more frequent, I will be truthful to all of you (5-6 readers who don’t even like the posts, I mean who does that? Or who doesn’t do that? You figure it out) and PUBG is not the reason why I have cut this post short by good 600 words. Later guys, later.


Ps. I feel guilty about lying to you…Just after writing that I’ll be truthful, I lied that this post was not cut short because of PUBG…Well, actually my friends called over and its PUBG’o clock already! But the moral of the story is “Don’t judge”. Bye.



The bleat that never came…..Sorry for so infrequent bleatings world!

Yeah, I’m sorry that I didn’t write more often. Yes, I’m talking to you, all you six followers of mine out of which some could be disguised family members. Good job for not giving up on me and trust me I won’t give up on you either. But didn’t I tell you to contact the authorities if I don’t write back often??? I’ll let it slide down this time, but you are on thin ice Mister and Miss.

I should surely share with you folks on what I’ve been upto all this time. Well here it is, *drum roll* nothing. Ah, well I’ve been exchanging some gases with plants and have been in a state of existing and some roving about places near Melbourne but apart from that, I’ve just existed.

It actually should have been the other way round. I had more than a month’s vacation and it was during this period that I should’ve been more active but now that my curriculum has started again, I’m back to blogging. One could also say that I was too engrossed in the World Cup, with my favourite team emerging victorious.

This time in Melbourne is quite harsh you see. As wind blows at 94 km/p.h. and then there’s the incessant rains. Mercury dips to 2-3 degrees (celsius). You can enjoy this beautiful city but at your own risk. If you like catching cold or a sore throat, sure be my guest. I have been to a nearby ski resort which was strangely not that cooler than Melbourne, maybe it’s the wind or the fact that sunlight directly falls over cliffs. Don’t worry, I’ll post some pictures.

It’s already August and that just made me realize that how fast the time flies. Nothing spectacular or novel about it but still it is highly spectacular at the same time. This entire time I have been just waiting to puke everything out here but never got a chance. I’ll be more regular from now on, but now I believe it’s best if we just move on. Go get a life all you 6 people!!!


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My bleat on Sanju!

So I saw Sanju. I know it’s pretty late for a review but still, I’d like to throw my two pennies. A movie that has become the talk of the town/city/country and continents. Everytime Rajkumar Hirani hits us with his latest directorial offering, we lap it up without questioning it. Of course his last outing with Aamir Khan in 2004 was the social drama cum comedy PK, did offend some sections of the society but still the movie was a runaway success. With PK doing such a fantastic business at the box office, expectations touched new heights with respect to business and quality content from a Rajkumar Hirani movie and hence followed Sanju.

Troubled superstar Sanjay Dutt, who had a cult status during the 90’s with hits like Saajan, Sadak, Khalnayak and many more, had always much more going in the background than on the reel. Everybody knew that. He was the quintessential “Bad Boy” of Bollywood before Salman Khan took that tag away from him. People still loved him despite his flaws, which is why Munnabhai M.B.B.S  and its subsequent part were massive hits and are regarded as one of Dutt’s finest performances. Of course Hirani was the director.

While watching Sanju, one could definitely feel a friend trying to brush the flaws of his friend under the carpet, labeling them as “Bad choices”. Yes, Dutt is shown doing drugs, boasting about how many girls he’s slept with, his connections with the underworld, his court trials & his time at the jail and also his undying hatred for the media. The movie is divided into the battles that he had to fight (and is still fighting). The first half is solely dedicated to his addiction to drugs, which at many instances feel like stretched for too long, like the scene where he goes to the hospital to console his girlfriend while being under influence and ends up getting slapped. Scenes like these make you feel that the Editor who also happens to don the Director’s hat could have worked a little smarter and shortened the length of the movie by at least 20 minutes. It’s a 2 hours 41 minutes long movie by the way.

The second part is what all of us paid the money for. The part where Sanju battles with the system, media and his ghosts from the past. This part is very nicely set up by aligning the storyline with Vicky Kaushal’s character of Kamlesh Kapasi, who also happens to be on screen Sanju’s friend, befriended in The United States during a very dark phase in our protagonists life. The second part is also the one that packs a punch because of the dynamic duo, Paresh Rawal & Vicky Kaushal. Paresh Rawal as Sunil Dutt is fantastic and delivers a great performance. The pain of a father who is losing his son is evident in his tone and eyes. Vicky Kaushal’s “Kamli” as called by Sanju and his father in the movie, is  a treat to watch.


The movie is mostly shouldered on Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal and Paresh Rawal. Three of them portray their characters beautifully, but still it is Vicky Kaushal who takes away the prize followed closely by Paresh Rawal. Ranbir at times is simply mimicking Dutt than acting, which is a big turn off. Anushka Sharma has a very simple role to essay here, which she does nicely. Dia Mirza too has a line or two which are just about fine and nothing great to write about. Manisha Koirala as Dutt’s mother, Nargis, is a big letdown as she’s unable to match the character she’s playing. I felt that Sonam Kapoor has actually played her part with utmost honesty with whatsoever she had. She conveyed the hurt emotions very evidently. Sadly, this movie never even once highlights the role of Priya Dutt, Sanjay’s sister who tirelessly fought for him along with her father when he was in jail. That is quite shocking. We all saw how Priya Dutt was the face of the Dutt household after her father’s demise. Not even one dialogue has been spared for the character. And just forget about Namrata Dutt.

By the time I’m typing this, the movie has already grossed around Rs. 145 crores at the Indian box office. But I would still like to make some points. The movie fails at many  angles.  First off, the addiction to drugs is justified to a bad choice and a means to escape from the reality. I don’t agree to it one bit. Secondly, the association to underworld is shown in a very hasty manner as if it’s nothing. Sanju agreeing to his meetings in Dubai is shown as a very usual thing. Third, I understand that Hirani is the only director who can portray dark scenes in a humoristic manner, but the scene at the hospital with Sonam Kapoor or the caricature of a very important political figure of India is what I felt was very much pedestrian for a director of his stature. Sad things rolled in humor doesn’t make it fine but instead makes it much more cringe-worthy.  Many scenes are cliched like when people start calling out names to Sunil Dutt and he had to hide his face. I mean seriously?!

Music is good, apart from that one song Main Badhiya, which again is a sad caricature. Kar Har Maidan Fateh is a really catchy track. Screenplay also feels deviated at some times and many characters make a hasty exits halfway through the movie like Jim Sarbh’s Zubin Mistry a.k.a. God. Even how he’s become a construction magnate is not shown in the movie. Maybe a sequel or a spinoff showing his successful turnaround is being planned by the studio….hehe.

This movie of Hirani looks by far the one that has the least content and more hype and dramatization. All the hoopla around Sanjay Dutt and how he’s unhappy at Ranbir Kapoor playing him to Ranbir Kapoor’s confession of love for Alia Bhatt, every possible P.R. trick was used to get this movie a flying start. A lot was on line for Ranbir Kapoor, so it all makes sense plus his next one is with Alia Bhatt so that makes sense x2. Hirani was better off with a Munnabhai or at least should be now as this movie doesn’t do justice to neither Dutt, Hirani, Ranbir and finally the audiences who waited so eagerly for this one. Come on we expected more and both of us (you and the audience) know that this is not a biopic but a big budget image restructuring for Sanjay Dutt, whose credibility is at an all time low. And I actually resonate with Salman Khan when he said that Sanjay Dutt should have played a part himself or at least the part of the narrator. Well, it is that awkward moment when your friend makes a movie about you and doesn’t include you even though acting is your profession and bread & butter. Or he just indirectly hinted that it’s not a biopic instead all the characters in the film are fictional including the story. And one more thing Mr. Dutt, I loved your movies, be it Sadak or Lage Raho Munnabhai, hell I was even excited when they announced Munnabhai Chale America, stop blaming. Yes, stop blaming anyone for your bad choices or failures. You blamed bad times for getting high, you blamed the media for your court trials and you blamed fear for entertaining the underworld Dons. On behalf of media I’d like to say that, media is the reason we’re seeing this movie, they have promoted it well and glorified your full of mistakes life. If not for them we couldn’t care less for a Sanju!

I’ll give this movie 3 happy rams out of 5!


Looking forward to your next Mr. Hirani.

National Galley of Victoria, Melbourne…Yes, I like art!


IMG_20180629_134935276_HDR.jpg I’d like to start with this fantastic piece of work by  The “Subodh Gupta”. He’s named it “This side is the other side”. Such a simple and humble piece of work but still, so fascinating and eye-catching. One wouldn’t even give this ride a second look in our roads in India, but here the bronze has given it an almost divine look. The reason I start with this is to show that just how simple art can be.

My earliest memory pertaining to the milkman goes way back in the 1990’s when I was still a small kid accompanying my father for a morning walk and when we would be on our way back, we’d see the milkman arriving shortly after we reach home and he catching us up on his Rajdoot (See link if you have no idea what I just typed), like it was a race. His loud, noise making bike gave away his location everytime. But the point is being, I never ever considered such simple things around us to be art. For me art always meant something very complex which would require me to indulge into heavy concepts. After watching this milk pails laden scooter, I believe everything was in my head.

NGV has some of the best and the most iconic paintings and sculptures from around the world. I found some Indian paintings, motifs and sculptures as well. Though the section where they have all the European art is the most impressive one. I stumbled upon many famous paintings, busts and sculptures which I had seen earlier on the internet or television. There is a big collections of Asian art and large areas devoted to them. Then there are special exhibitions planned throughout the year. Like the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York) has come down to Melbourne to celebrate 130 years of modern art and would be here till October 2018. These special exhibitions are ticketed though, unlike the free display sections. At a nominal price you can catch some mind-blowing exhibitions. Me, being a person who is discovering art at the age of 25, thoroughly enjoyed myself and also felt a wee bit educated. So I don’t see a reason why you should not visit this fantastic gallery at all!

This gallery has just about everything for everyone. They have sections of nouveau art as well and if intelligent enough, you could experience which way the art scene is actually heading (No I couldn’t experience that, some really intelligent people standing beside me were discussing this whole idea, I’m not that bright. I believe art can never be forecasted and actually be seen where it is heading).  I really want to tell you about everything it’s got, but I think pictures might do more justice.

Location-wise also, it couldn’t get any better as it’s just a 5-minute walk from Flinders Station on St. Kilda road. So, if you ever visit to Melbourne, I do recommend the NGV.

You’ll first feel as if you don’t really belong here but once you start looking at these marvels and read the captions, then you’ll start to get the hang of it.

For more information you can always visit their lovely website by clicking here.

Hello world! First bleat coming through..

Hiya! I don’t even know if this word exists anymore. Just typed it to break the ice and you know sound cool and shit. So, here I’ll try to write about something everyday. Could be a movie review, just some place I traveled, something new I ate, any new song that I liked or just about any random crap that one can expect.

So a little something about me. I am a Nachiket. Brought up in New Delhi, born in Odisha, infancy in Maharashtra, Gujarat and the cute kid phase in Rajasthan. And currently in Melbourne, Australia for higher studies (Yes, master’s..even I’m thrown off by this word “higher studies” you’re studying for a seat in the council of Greek Gods). Frankly some of you might even be bored by the way I live my life. I don’t drink, don’t smoke and is a good boy. People don’t look for these qualities in a guy anymore. I would have been a legend if born in the 70’s or 80’s but such is life and bad timing. But I get pretty wasted on Netflix. I’m high AF on any new game that I start playing (PUBG is the thing right now guys!!). I attain nirvana after watching a movie. So, see that’s dope. And yeah, I occasionally read as well as a hobby. Stargazing is another hobby that I’m planning to pursue. I have the right app on my phone and would probably buy a $77 telescope for this hobby (which I plan on sticking to this time). I love sports, and from sports I mean cricket, just the football world cups (not really into club leagues), you could say Formula One, but after Schumacher I never really liked anyone. I started to like Nico Rosberg and then he retired. But still, I’ll add F1 to the list.

This post basically establishes a premise for our interactions (that is good line, isn’t it?!). We can talk about me,you, world leaders, animals and even your imaginary friends. You can hit me up with an e-mail if you wish to discuss something with me. Okay, officially running out of material to bleat about. I think it’s best we finish it this way. It’s not you, it’s me. I know, it’ll be awkward the next time around, but it’s awkward only if we make it awkward. Yeah….Bye?!

Hope this helps.